Team India is close to making history, Gabbar’s army will break Pakistan’s record!

Team India on West Indies tour (India vs West Indies) Team India on the tour of the West Indies (India vs West Indies) has started the series (ODI Series) well by winning the first ODI. In the three ODI series, India won the first match by 3 runs. Now the second match between both the teams will be held on Sunday. All series matches are being played at the Queen’s Park Oval Stadium in Port of Spain. Team India has a chance to break an extensive record in Sunday’s match. Team India can hold the world record for most consecutive bilateral ODI series wins against one team.

India-Pakistan tie

Team India will also clinch the series if they win the second ODI against West Indies. This will be India’s 12th consecutive ODI series win against West Indies. If that happens, India will hold the record for most ODI series wins against one team. This record is currently tied between India and Pakistan.

India has won 11 consecutive bilateral ODI series against West Indies. In May 2006, India lost for the last time against West Indies. After this, India’s ODI series victory streak since January 2007 is still going on.

Pakistan’s record of 11 consecutive ODI series wins is against weak Zimbabwe. There have been 14 ODI series between Pakistan and Zimbabwe, none of which Pakistan lost, but the first three ODI series were drawn, after which Pakistan won 11 consecutive series.

Consecutive ODI series wins against the same team

11 times India beat West Indies (2007 till date)

11 times Pakistan beat Zimbabwe (1996 till date)

10 times Pakistan beat West Indies (1996 till date)

9 times South Africa beat Zimbabwe (1995 till date)

9 times India beat Sri Lanka (2007 till date)

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